Meg Rauth VanWagner


Meg is a leader in driving strategy, program design, scalability, and capacity-building for social change organizations. As a social impact consultant, she works with nonprofits, mission-driven startups, and social entrepreneurs across the country. Local clients include Hack the Gap, Beta.MN/Twin Cities Startup Week, and HandsOn Twin Cities. Apart from consulting, she designs cross-sector convenings and workshops between nonprofits and professionals to accelerate the organization's impact and provide opportunities for skills-based volunteering. Meg serves as the Interim Chair on the board of a Minneapolis-based nonprofit, Everyday Miracles, which provides evidence-based care to under-resourced pregnant women and moms. Previous to her current work, she spent six years at the Taproot Foundation in San Francisco, most recently as the National Director of Program Delivery and Design, a newly created role for the org, where she scaled and led the national program team across the Bay Area, Chicago, LA, NYC, and DC, and spearheaded the redesign of the flagship program to drive better outcomes for nonprofit clients, pro bono consultants, and national funders. Prior to Taproot, Meg has worked at several direct-service nonprofits as well as in healthcare, hospitality, and legal support services in Omaha, Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Amsterdam, NL. When she's not changing the world, she's changing diapers at her most effortful yet most rewarding job as Mom. 


Ava Kuhlen


Ava blends curiosity with creativity to develop innovation solutions that help organizations adapt, thrive, and grow. For over a decade, she’s worked to connect resources - capital, ideas, products, and talent - across the corporate and nonprofit sectors to drive social change. Through philanthropic advising, corporate social responsibility, nonprofit capacity building, and social innovation, she’s worked with foundations, nonprofits, and companies to clarify their vision for change, create the roadmap to get there, and achieve their goals. Her most recent role was Director of External Relations at Taproot Foundation in which she designed and managed multi-stakeholder engagements, strategic partnerships, and cross-sector collaborations that increased food access, cultivated leadership, and drove technology adoption and use in the social sector. Her work is driven by by two questions: “who cares?” and “why does this matter?” When not throwing fire bombs of social change, she can be found playing outside, planting succulents, or jamming (with pectin, not guitars).