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Tech Professionals

We are looking for a wide variety of tech skills so that we will be able to meet the variety of needs of each nonprofit organization. You will be able to choose which nonprofit you'd like to work with based on your interest in their mission and your skillset match. Your spot at the event will be confirmed only once we are able to confirm a team of individuals for the nonprofit. Experience working with nonprofits is an added bonus, but not required.  Skillsets needed include:

  • Solution architect

  • Business systems analyst

  • Product Manager

  • Software developers

  • Web developer

  • CRM/database administrators

  • Cloud architect

  • DevOps Manager

  • Data architect/analyst

  • Designer

  • Marketing technologist/digital marketing

  • Information architect

  • UX designer


If you have a strategic challenge, you can attend this event! Don’t let the “technology talk” scare you away. You definitely don’t need to have a project scoped out or even a well-thought-out idea about technology solutions, you just need to come with the challenge you want to tackle and an open mind, and our volunteers will guide you to the best potential tech solutions. To get your gears turning, below are a few examples of challenges:

  • You are expanding your revenue model and are unsure how to track all your constituents and supporters now. Excel isn't cutting it anymore. You'd like to talk to a team about database options.

  • You have a LOT of volunteers. And that’s a good thing! But you need a more efficient way to assess or track or schedule them.

  • You know you should be better at social media or that your website needs some fresh language, but you don’t have any language to use. You need advice on content creation for these mediums.

  • All your funders have been asking for your programmatic KPIs. "My what?" you ask. You need to learn more about data evaluation and program measurement.

  • You are fighting natural disasters around the world. You are looking for a better way to communicate with your volunteers on the ground.

Did we mention it's free to attend? It’s free to attend!

Apply by filling out the Needs Assessment below. Your spot at the event will be confirmed only once we are able to match you with the right expertise on the tech professional side.

After all nonprofit applications are in, you'll have the opportunity to choose a nonprofit to work with.